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Hard wearing, solvent free industrial flooring available in a wide range of colours. Applied seamlessly by a constant spray to ensure longevity.

Bakkie linings


We use the best products on the market to detail your vehicle. We want you to feel confident in the products we use on your vehicle.



Sprayed on polyurethane ensures a seamless, waterproof bond to protect your premises or vehicle.


Polyurethane bakkie linings

Spray on bakkie lining

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Spray on polyurethane bakkie linings from Tuff Guard Cape Town are an increasingly popular bakkie addition. With the constant bumping, scraping, scratching and general abuse that load bins are under, it’s an important feature that helps protect against wear and tear. The spray on bin liner is applied with very little effort and provides a permanent tough and water resistant layer for your load bin. The lining protects your vehicle from abrasion, rust and impact damage and will preserve its resale value.

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Rubberising/Polyurethane Bakkie Linings
The process of protecting the load bay is by rubberising it with a seamless, hard-wearing, enduring polyurethane coating that is sprayed onto the surface with high-pressure equipment to form a long-lasting barrier.  Most commonly applied to the load bins of light to heavy commercial vehicles (bakkies or trucks), which adds protection against wear, corrosion and light impact damage.

Having your load bay rubberised can protect loose goods from shifting around in the back of your bakkie as well as allow your beloved pets to have a better grip when being transported around. We coat in varying thicknesses, depending on the amount of wear you expect to experience, bearing in mind what you are using your bakkie for now and what you could be using it for in the future. Protecting your bakkie with a polyurethane lining, means you can use your bakkie for longer.

We offer rubberising on all makes of trucks and bakkies including long-wheel base (LWB) vehicles, double cab bakkies and half-ton bakkies. Ensuring the back of your bakkie is protected and made to last.

No preparatory work is required from the customer.  If installed, we'll remove and replace any canopy, tonneau cover or roll bar.  We may also scuff an existing lining to ensure that the new lining bonds well with the load bin.

Bakkie lining alternatives and mistakes
Originally, non-slip rubber mats were used. The mats don’t protect the load bin from chemical spills and sand may collect underneath the mat, exposing the bodywork to abrasion and rust. A polyurethane bin lining is far more durable and, once dry, becomes part of the load bin. It requires almost nothing in the way of maintenance and makes for easy cleaning.

Important Notes on Polyurethane Bakkie Bin Linings:
There are cheap alternatives and Do-It-Yourself versions that just don’t last. We guarantee our quality workmanship and application. We use high grade quality polyurethane materials. 


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