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Polyurethane waterproofing

Sprayed on two part component polyurethane is widely considered a far superior alternative to conventional waterproofing products. Our polyurethane product is applied with specialized machinery at your premises where the sprayed on product cures and bonds to the substrate within 30 seconds of the 2 components being mixed. 

Polyurethane retains 100% memory and can expand up to 300% without degradation.  There is no other waterproofing product on the market today that allows for a varying climate such as South Africa where constant expansion and contraction caused by the elements occur. 

Conventional waterproofing methods are outdated and have been used since the days when it was still acceptable to install asbestos on your ceiling. These days with extended use of IBR roof sheeting, which is prone to rust and leaks, polyurethane will extend the life of your roof by at least a further 20-30 years, without any leaks.  

We can apply our polyurethane waterproofing product to both new and old roof sheets.  Its also known to reduce noise from rain, wind and hail by up to 70%.  We can also apply the product in white to reduce heat to your property.  The white will gradually fade to a cream colour over time, however we can apply a UV top coat to retain the bright white should you choose to do so.