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Tuff Guard Polyurethane
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Frequently Asked questions

How long does it take to apply

The application itself usually takes 60 to 90 minutes however this may vary dependant on whether you have an existing lining, canopy, tonneau cover or roll bar installed. We will first need to remove these and then reinstall them. 

How long does the polyurethane take to set

The product we use sets hard within a few seconds, however it will remain slightly sticky for another 5 hours.

How thick do you apply the bakkie lining

We offer two options, either 3mm or 5mm.  As the product is sprayed on, this may vary in certain areas and these thicknesses are only used as a guideline.

Is polyurethane indestructable

The product we use is hard wearing and can take a good beating, however it is not indestructable. It is intended to protect your load bin from reasonable wear and tear.  We have seen linings that we applied over 13 years ago that are still in good condition.  If maintained and looked after, there is no reason why the lining will not last the lifetime of the vehicle. 

Is the Tuff Guard bakkie lining better than the cheaper paint on product

Yes, the product we use is composed of two components, a resin and a catalyst.  Once mixed, the material hits the load bin at 90 degrees which means that the material bonds to the load bin within 30 seconds. Although cheaper, the paint on product contains significantly less catalyst and more plastic which results in a thin, brittle lining which does not bond well with the load bin at room temperature over the next 4-5 hours. 

How does your pricing compare to other providers

We frequently contact our competitors to ensure that our pricing remains the best available in the market.  Should you want any pricing, please use the 'Contact' section above or call 021 555 0540.